About NetMkd

Even though people in the last few decades could not imagine their lives without them, in spite of what the majority thinks, the era of the social networks did not start with Facebook or Twitter. Exactly. NetMkd is a platform with Macedonian domain – https://www.netmkd.mk it’s like the already well known social networks, but unprofitable one for socializing, sharing interests, making friends and communicating in real time.

Just like on the other popular social networks, on NetMkd you can create your own account, to arrange it by adding pictures, to share within, to leave comments, post links, add your friends, communicate sending messages to each other, to specify who can see your posts and so many other things.


Each of us has its own story, and NetMkd is a place where you can create your own by sharing memories, events, pictures…. share it with your family, friends, colegues or even with your new friends. Show the people what you want them to see or know about you. What is most important is that on Netmkd there are no borring commercials or paid contents.

Create groups that can be private, public or hidden and in that groups share and post events, pictures, links…. the decision of who will take part in that group is yours.

The registration is very simple and you can do it on the page for registration (NEW USER REGISTRATION) by filling the predicted fields. The fields marked like required must be filled out and for all the others is your choice if you will fill or not.

Nobody’s perfect, but we are all perfect in our imperfection. Stay connected with others on NetMkd!